Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why I entered the Blog world

Dear anyone who comes to visit this space:

For a long time, I resisted the urge to create a blog, mainly because I could not justify it for any reason other than an exercise of ego. Please understand- I do not think that this is true of all other blogs, though undoubtedly there are some. there are plenty of blogs that serve great ends, such as giving conditions in war-torn areas that aren't being covered by news media, and blogs that portray struggles of missionaries (like my friend Wes Magruder at http://www.preachpeace.blogspot.com/)

Undoubtedly, as my blogging grows, maybe there will be times when I do tip over the cliff and fall into an egoistic exercise. But for the most part, all this will be is the sermons and other thoughts of one young pastor in the Northeast Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church, as the church travels a rough patch of ground theologically and socially. Maybe this will be a steady and stable place for me to post stuff as I move from church to church in the United Methodist itinerant system.

Why the name Fryer Drew? Well, I want to reflect that I stand within the main current of Western Christian tradition, that I find value in the small "c" catholic tradition of the church. It also reflects that I like to cook and eat! The wit may be meager, but I hope that this blogging journey I am embarking on will be of value both to me and to whomever may find it!

dia duit,
Rev. Drew Cottle

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