Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We're starting to put together a praise band at the bigger church I serve, as well as install a new video system for projecting worship lyrics, art, etc.

The current line up of instrumentalists is from 2-5 guitar players, one bassist, a drummer who is pretty much using only a snare at this point, 4 singers, and me, who plays mandolin and sings. The thing is, I know the bassist would rather play straight guitar, and I think i've heard that one of the guitarsts would rather play drums. We're very much at the shakedown stage, getting to a place where we will have a stable lineup. Because it is volunteer, and the focus isn't making it big but rahter leading a worship service, these shakedowns can take a while.

I was talking about it with the musicians at my smaller church, both of whom have been session musicians, and they seemed to think that it would be a good idea for them, too.

So I am contemplating picking up the bass. I know I am not going to be any sort of prodigy, but I think I can keep a decent beat. I also don't feel like I am "leaving" the mandolin, this is just a way to be of service.

I have found out, so far, that you can get a decent one-box bass startup with guitar and amp for about $250. There are also used places around.

We'll see how the idea feels after some time.

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  1. I would like to learn the bass, i don't think my fingers are going to let me play the guitar, and i've been trying for quite some time now and can't quite get it down. my asthma is having quite a time dealing with the clarinet. i think slow and low is the way to go.